Lights, Camera, Telluride: Exploring the Telluride Film Festival

Exploring the Telluride Film Festival | Mountain Rose Realty 

Nestled in the heart of the Colorado mountains, the town of Telluride is known for its natural rugged beauty, skiing and hiking, and deep American West history. And every summer, it’s also home to the Telluride Film Festival.   

This film festival in Telluride honors the distinct history of filmmaking by bringing filmmakers and enthusiasts together to watch and discuss each year’s movies. Never a competition, the Telluride Film Festival instead is a celebration of the love of film. Here’s a closer look at the event and its mark on the town.

What Movies Have Premiered at Telluride Film Festival? 

The Telluride Film Festival in Colorado is unique from other film festivals in one key way: They don’t release the names of the movies being screened ahead of time. Instead, every attendee receives that year’s Telluride Film Festival schedule when they arrive at the event.   

But that doesn’t mean the films aren’t prestigious in their own right. In the past, this festival has been the first to screen classic movies like Juno, Brokeback Mountain, Blue Velvet, and The Crying Game.  

Each year, the festival names a new Guest Director – a film enthusiast who chooses the films to screen and invites other cinephiles to come along for vibrant discussion.  

What’s the Telluride Film Festival Known For? 

This festival is known throughout Colorado and the film community as a love letter to movies. Every Labor Day weekend, the Telluride Film Festival location and the beautiful mountain town of Telluride is filled to the brim with movie lovers who chat with each other in viewing rooms, in lines, and in community spaces throughout town about the films they’ve just seen.  


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If the Telluride Film Festival sounds like your cup of tea, there’s plenty more where that came from. Though the town itself may be small, there’s no shortage of things to do in this beautiful mountain village. With Mountain Rose Realty as your guide, learn more about Telluride today!  



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