Here’s Why the Housing Market Isn’t Going To Crash [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s housing market is vastly different from the market of 2008. Credit has become far more stringent since the recession, with lenders requiring higher scores and larger down payments for those looking to purchase property.

Foreclosures have also considerably declined in recent years, leaving a much lower inventory of available homes on the market. Homeowners now have more equity in their properties, which has been bolstered by rising home values across many areas.

Lending standards have become increasingly stringent since the recession, with credit scores and down payments required for prospective buyers now subject to higher standards. Foreclosures have likewise seen a marked drop in numbers, leaving a much smaller and more scarce selection of homes available on the market. Homeowners have benefited from rising home prices and as a result, they now possess higher equity in their properties than before the economic downturn. All of these factors combined have created a markedly different housing market than what was seen prior to 2008.

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