Sustainable Telluride: Free Pumpkin Composting

Green your Halloween by giving your pumpkins a second life. 

The Town of Mountain Village and Town of Telluride are collaborating to offer our community-at-large free pumpkin composting after Halloween. Drop off your pumpkins free of candles, paint, glitter, stickers and other non-compostable decorative items off near the entrance to the Gondola Parking Garage (behind Village Market/Town Hall) or in the Meadows Parking Lot November 1 through November 18, or until the containers are full!

If you are interested in composting year-round and live at Village Court Apartments (VCA), you can sign up for the Composting Pilot Program through the VCA Main Office or online at the VCA Residents Page.

For all other Mountain Village residents interested in composting services, please complete our composting survey.

Examples of Acceptable Materials

If it was once alive, it can be composted.

  1. Food waste: fruits, vegetables, peelings, eggshells, nuts, bread, coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves and tea bags (without staples)
  2. Cooking residuals: fats, oils, greases, skimmings
  3. Liquids: soda, beer, milk, etc.
  4. Animal items: bones, meat, manure, pet waste, dry cat or dog food
  5. Green waste: tree trimmings, flowers, weeds, grass, leaves and other plant material, including woody material like logs, stumps, wood chips, sawdust, pallets, and dimensional lumber that has not been treated or painted
  6. Paper products: napkins, paper towels, paper bags, paper plates, pizza boxes, tissues, egg cartons
  7. Products labeled “compostable”

Examples of Unacceptable Materials

    1. Asbestos or asbestos-containing material
    2. Infectious waste
    3. Hazardous waste
    4. PCB waste
    5. Lead-acid batteries
    6. Logs over 30” in diameter and over 7’ long
    7. Dirty stumps
    8. Rocks
    9. Large pieces of iron (over 3 pounds)
    10. Trash
    11. Plastic
    12. Material bagged in plastic bags

Together, we can keep Telluride clean and green!

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