Telluride Air and Lodging Update: December 8 - 14


Destination total occupancy (paid and owner) over the next two-weeks continues to be significantly lower, down 25% YOY. Last year during this time, the Kellogg MBA group of 650 people visited from December 8 – 14, which is likely contributing to the YOY occupancy decrease during the first week. Average daily rate (ADR) during this period has decreased by 7% YOY, at $671. 
The holiday period is pacing slightly behind last year, with a 6% decrease in total occupancy from 12/22/23 – 1/5/24. The highest compression days are from 12/27-12/31 at an average occupancy rate of 63%. 
The winter season has shifted from tracking ahead YOY, to slightly behind. Total occupancy is 5% lower YOY at 38%, and average daily rate (ADR) is flat. December is seeing the largest decrease, 17% behind 2022, and March is pacing 3% ahead YOY. 
With the recent snow and the opening of Telluride Ski Resort, these metrics may shift back to align more with pre-season pace. 


Winter air traffic is holding at approximately 5-8% down YOY for the winter season, with softer booking weeks in October and early November compared to last year. While early December is down with the extra week, the two holiday weeks are pacing even YOY. The snow is arriving, so please get the word out in the major metros and especially NY with the added daily flights, and also remember that January brings the biggest booking weeks of the year, filling President’s – March. Looking further, we also have multiple flights running through April 8 this year, including Southwest, United (ORD) and American.

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