Telluride Food and Wine Festival this JUNE 14-16, 2024 – WEEKEND PASSES ON SALE NOW!

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Telluride Food & Vine Festival's mission is simple: to celebrate the beauty and essence of Telluride, Colorado, and the love we share for it by gathering over fantastic food and great drink, all while building meaningful relationships with locals and visitors alike. This is the Telluride Food & Vine Festival. We know that our goal lies not just in gathering the finest culinary talents and vintners from near and far but also in building true relationships, inspiring chefs, artisans, winemakers, distillers, and brewers, and creating an atmosphere where they all come together to celebrate the spirit of our mountain town.

This is the Telluride Food & Vine Festival, a celebration of the simplest joys of life uninhibited. It is laughs shared with old neighbors and new friends, the stories told, the meals enjoyed together, when all pretense is dropped, and the worries of the world fall away. We’re free to enjoy the essence of life at its purest. This is Telluride Food & Vine. We celebrate all that Telluride represents. We celebrate community and creativity. We celebrate lasting, true relationships and the real people who know this place feels like home, no matter where they're from.

We celebrate a love for the outdoors, an awe at the beauty around us, and we celebrate the life that is lived when we find our truest, simplest selves, uninhibited and inspired, free to partake in a life truly abundant.

One to One Mentoring Telluride Food + Vine is committed to raising awareness and supporting the youth-focused work of One to One Mentoring.

One to One Mentoring empowers youth in San Miguel County, Colorado, to achieve their social, emotional, and academic potential through professionally supported mentor relationships. For over twenty years, the organization has matched youth and adults that have the same interests and goals. The matches meet once per week for a yearly commitment and together they work on homework, learn a new skill, enjoy the outdoors, read a book, and the list goes on.

The organization has grown and flourished, serving upwards of a hundred youth per year by offering one-on-one relationships with a consistent caring adult. Since its inception, the program has served thousands of youth throughout the county. Presently, the opportunities addressed through the organization’s programs continue to focus on at-risk youth but have expanded to include a diverse array of needs, including LGBTQ support, grief, chronic health issues, and a need for companionship. The organization is the only provider of one-to-one youth mentoring in the county.

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