Telluride Lodging and Air Update (July 14-20, 2023)

Via Telluride Tourism Board


Destination total occupancy over the next two weeks has decreased 1% YOY at 57%, and average daily rate (ADR) is 8% lower than 2022 at $558. Peak occupancies occur next weekend, with properties at 66% total occupancy on Friday, July 21 and 63% on Saturday, July 22. 
Summer occupancy continues to pace slightly ahead for the destination, 3% higher YOY at 42%. Summer destination ADR has decreased YOY by 5% at $574. May and June closed behind last summer, and the pace picks up during the second half of the season, with the largest growth occurring in September which is pacing 9% ahead of 2022 at 36% occupancy. Town of Telluride summer total occupancy has decreased by 10% YOY at 43% and ADR has increased by 3% compared to 2022 at $603. Mountain Village summer total occupancy has increased by 13% YOY at 42% occupancy, and ADR has decreased by 10% at $554. 
With summer booking windows shorter than the winter months, lodging metrics can change quickly. Stay tuned to the weekly Peak Sheet for up-to-date lodging forecasts to ensure your business is properly prepared! 


Continued strong weekly bookings now have overall air numbers about 8% ahead for the summer. July and August are up 10%+ while September and October continue to pace slightly down YOY. The base winter schedule is loaded, noting that there are likely to be a few changes to the network this coming season.

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