The Little Town In Colorado That Might Just Be The Most Unique Town In The World

From the Western Slope to the High Plains, Colorado is brimming with a variety of places and activities. However, in comparison to all its peers across the Centennial State; there's one special town that stands out from them all: Telluride. Whether it's its unique boxed canyon or free gondola rides locals and visitors can take pleasure in year-round, this small town has so many reasons why it simply cannot be compared to any other place on our planet! Now then - let’s have a closer look at some fabled things you can do when visiting glorious Telluride, CO!

To begin, this town resides at the foundation of a box-shaped valley.

Wikimedia Commons/Terry Foote

Known as a "box canyon," the town of Telluride is nestled in a sunken, rectangular area encircled by two pairs of stark cliffs. The vistas are extraordinary no matter which way you look; and boast spectacular sights like Bridal Veil Falls at the head of Canyon and long-deserted mine ruins on nearby ridges.

From its captivating cascades to the incredible views, Bridal Veil Falls is a breathtaking wonder that continues to bring people from near and far to Telluride.


When considering the best activities in Telluride, Colorado, Bridal Veil Falls should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. The majestic 365-foot waterfall is not only the tallest waterfall in Colorado but will leave you speechless with its beauty and grandeur. It's a mere 1.8 mile moderate hike to reach its trailhead which lies just beside the white building seen in this photo - that's actually a power plant!

Scattered around Telluride, remnants of long-gone mining operations remain within its mountainous surroundings.

Flickr/Ken Lund

This one-of-a-kind box canyon stands out from the rest, as it was previously mined for its silver and gold deposits. Standing on Main Street, you now have the rare opportunity to marvel at a natural bowl that is laced with precious flecks of gold and silver.

It's rare to find a town that is named after something with no tangible connection to the region.

Wikimedia Commons/Rob Lavinsky,

Although the town of Telluride was named after the mineral Calaverite - more commonly known as Gold Telluride - it's interesting to note that this particular mineral has never even been mined in its namesake region. Per Wikipedia, this is certainly an odd coincidence!

Telluride provides an unparalleled outdoor music venue for entertainment enthusiasts.

Music enthusiasts come from far and wide to enjoy performances at the legendary "Town Park" stage, which recently featured a two-show run by Neil Young. With its idyllic views of Bridal Veil Falls as well as an acoustic that is only enhanced by being sunken in a canyon, this outdoor amphitheater provides attendees with an unforgettable auditory experience.

Telluride's iteration of the classic New York City subway system elevates public transport to an unprecedented level - both in terms of its physical nature and figurative capabilities.

TripAdvisor/Carley P

Undoubtedly, Telluride's "People Movers" are its ticket to the top of the list for being dubbed as one of America's most peculiar cities. What makes them especially captivating is that they offer free public transportation!

Over the last several decades, Telluride has become a major player in the all-season-resorts arena.

Flickr/Michel Buck

During the winter season, she loves to explore snow-filled activities such as skiing at the renowned ski resort located atop of a mountain. Nevertheless, this world-renowned tourist destination remains an inviting place for travelers all year round.

Very few countries boast robust, free transportation that is accessible to all.


All year round, both locals and tourist can take advantage of the free Telluride Gondola to travel between the base town below in the valley and Mountain Village at the peak. Whether you are looking for a shopping spree, savoring food or simply admiring sights, this gondola ride is definitely worth it!


The gratis cable car will bring you there in elegance, with the option to hop off and explore along the way. Surrounded by breathtaking Aspens that envelop Main Street like a picturesque gift box...

TripAdvisor/drustrange the serene and cozy ambiance of Telluride's longstanding history...


..and the hospitable free gondolas to Mountain Village...

TripAdvisor/Gordman B

Have you ever been to Telluride, Colorado? Some say it's the most extraordinary town in the world! What are your favorite activities and attractions when visiting this picturesque mountain community? Share your stories with us in the comments below - we can't wait to hear what makes Telluride special for you.

Want more information about Telluride’s Free Gondola? Be sure to visit the official Telluride Mountain Village Gondola website.

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