Unveiling Telluride Real Estate Trends: Analysis of Condo Homes - May 11, 2024

Delving into the current dynamics of Telluride's real estate scene, this analysis focuses on condo homes. With a close examination of key metrics like median list price, inventory levels, and market action index, we offer valuable insights into the market's pulse.

Key Insights:

  1. Median List Price Stability: Telluride, CO 81435 maintains a steady median list price of $2,400,000, indicating market stability.
  2. Market Action Index: Holding at 31, Telluride's real estate market retains a slight seller's advantage, mirroring last month's trends.
  3. Inventory Contraction: The inventory has dwindled to 45 homes, signaling heightened demand amidst limited supply.
  4. Price Momentum: Driven by increased demand and reduced listings, prices continue on an upward trajectory, with no immediate signs of change.
  5. Days on Market: The average listing spends 167 days on the market, with a median of 126 days, indicating active buyer engagement.

Implications for Buyers and Sellers
Buyers need to act swiftly amidst rising prices and diminishing inventory, while sellers can capitalize on the seller's advantage by pricing competitively and showcasing their property's unique features.

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